2015 Joint Exhibitions Update

Different Approaches: A Retrospective

This retrospective exhibition will feature a variety of work created by myself and fellow artist, Michael Hogan, over a period of the last 15 years or so. During the years between 2000 – 2012, I was the illustrator for the Australia-wide gardening magazines, Burke’s Backyard and Gardens & Outdoor Living, and was also producing artwork for other gardening publications such as Your Garden so was doing a lot of botanical watercolour and pencil work.

Over this period I also participated in many of the botanical illustration classes conducted at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens by the well-known botanical artists, Marion Westmacott and Barbara Duckworth. Some of this early work hasn’t been shown before but I will be including a few of these botanical pieces in this retrospective.

At the moment I am starting the process of going through all my folders and portfolios to make the decision of what I would like to show and to organise what needs framing in readiness for the opening night at Gaffa Gallery on Thursday 25 June 2015 and will be posting new blogs in the lead up to this event to update where I’m up to with all of this.


Correa lo

IMG_8411 2


Liquid Life

While organising the work to be shown in my joint retrospective exhibition Different Approaches: A Retrospective is taking priority right now, I am still continuing to gather reference material and think about ideas for this second joint exhibition with my cousin, Tracey Scheitel, which will open on Tuesday 1 September 2015 at the Shorethyme Restaurant/Gallery at Norah Head on the NSW Central Coast.


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