Joint exhibitions update

Liquid Life Exhibition, 1 September – 13 September 2015

Last Wednesday, 18 February, my husband Jamie and I drove up from Sydney to Norah Head on the NSW Central Coast so I could meet with Chris, the owner/curator of the Shorethyme Restaurant & Gallery where along with my artist cousin, Tracey, I will be holding a joint art exhibition in September 2015. Apart from Shorethyme being a great restaurant featuring excellent Modern Australian cuisine, there are regular exhibitions of artwork for sale displayed prominently on the walls of the two large dining rooms. It was also a good opportunity for me to take some photos of the Norah Head lighthouse and Soldiers Beach in the local district for exhibition inspiration.


A view of the two large linked dining rooms where artwork being exhibited is displayed around the walls.


The spacious outdoor eating area which is perfect on a warm evening featuring some of Shorethyme’s owner Chris’s own artwork, being a very talented artist himself.

IMG_8333A view down the coast of the well-known lighthouse at Norah Head.


Last Wednesday was the perfect summer’s day to take some photos of Soldiers Beach.

Different Approaches: A Retrospective Exhibition, 25 June – 6 July 2015

Fellow artist Michael and I recently met with the Gaffa Gallery Manager, Liz, to hand over the signed contract for our June/July joint exhibition and to have a look around Gallery 2 where our exhibition will take place. This gallery is one of four galleries on the 1st Level of the building and we are both looking forward to being involved with Gaffa and having the opportunity to exhibit in such an interesting space.

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