Welcome to my website

 I am a Sydney-based visual artist, art teacher & illustrator specialising in
hand-created techniques. 
My work covers a wide variety of styles, subject matter
& media including watercolours, pen & ink, colour & graphite pencil,
mixed media, photography & printmaking.

For any enquiries please contact me by email: pam.juno@bigpond.com

… and you can follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more updates on what I’m doing with teaching, exhibitions & other projects:

Instagram: pamelahorsnellartist


JUNE Watercolour Painting & Drawing Classes
An enjoyable, easy & relaxing way to be creative!
THE BAKEHOUSE STUDIO 54 Renwick Street, Marrickville NSW

Fruit bowl lo.jpg

Wednesday CASUAL DROP-IN ART CLASS, from 10am – 1pm, JUNE 20
THE BAKEHOUSE STUDIO 54 Renwick Street, Marrickville NSW
I will be teaching a Casual Drop-in Art Class on Wednesday June 20 followed by a 3-hour watercolour workshop, ‘Watercolour Pencils’ on June 27.

THE BAKEHOUSE STUDIO 54 Renwick Street, Marrickville NSW
Wednesday from 10am – 1pm, June 27

WP 1 lo crop.jpg
I’ll be teaching a 3-hour Watercolour Workshop with the theme of ‘Watercolour Pencils, particularly how they can be used for Travel Sketching, on Wednesday June 27 from 10am-1pm.

FRIDAY OPEN STUDIO, from 10am – 1pm, JUNE 22 & 29
THE BAKEHOUSE STUDIO 54 Renwick Street, Marrickville NSW
I am also at The Bakehouse Studio on Friday June 22 & 29 for an Open Studio of painting, drawing & ceramics.

All classes and workshops are suitable for beginners or more experienced students and all ages are welcome. Please contact me for more information.

My aim is to show students that watercolours can be made easy using a limited palette of colours and a loose, impressionistic style of painting with only minimal drawing required that is able to be applied to any subject matter. The Bakehouse Studio in Marrickville is a wonderfully casual, relaxing and inspiring environment.

 There will be more details about classes/workshops and upcoming exhibitions over the coming months.


hot day lo.jpg

Eggplant lo.jpg

Golden Bamboo lo.jpg

oyster lo.jpg

Urban 1 lo.jpg

outback lo.jpg

beach scene lo.jpg

3:Fashion lo.jpg

Flannel Lite lo.jpg

2:Travel lo (B).jpg

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my website

  1. Hi Katy and Alex, thanks very much for your kind comments. Please check out my latest blog I posted today when you have a chance about my work now showing at another pop-up shop in Leichhardt called Flying Fox.

    • Hi Dale, it’s good to hear from you. I actually saw a book that you had done with another woman (about some female Indigenous artists I think it was) in the bookshop at the National Art Gallery in Canberra last year & almost tried to contact you but wasn’t quite sure the best way to do it. I’ve seen your name from time to time & see that you have continued with your art as have. I’m teaching regular watercolour & drawing lessons these days at a studio in Marrickville (where I live with my second husband, Jamie) & have exhibited quite a bit over the last 10 years. How did you find out about Gary? He was killed in a car accident on August 15, 2010, driving to work at Stockton Hospital on a Sunday afternoon. It was a terrible shock to us all, especially Mum of course. Tragically our youngest sister, Laura, died the following year from breast cancer. I would like to keep in touch with you if that’s OK, there are so many parts of Gary’s life I just don’t know anything about so would welcome your thoughts about the time you spent with him. I’m also interested to know more about your art. Perhaps you could email me so we could establish some contact at pam.juno@bigpond.com

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