2015 Joint exhibitions update

Different Approaches: A Retrospective

At the moment I am continuing to go through all the artwork I have created over the last 15 years or so to try to make a decision about what best reflects the large variety of work from this period. As I work in a range of different styles and mediums this is likely to include pencil and ink drawings, watercolours, linocut prints and mixed media from detailed botanical illustrations to much looser and more graphic images.

Some of the previously unframed artwork is now with my framer and there is still much more to be organised in readiness for the opening night at Gaffa Gallery on Thursday 25 June 2015.


3 Persimmons lo

Liquid Life

The theme of this exhibition is anything at all related to water, whether it be water plants or creatures, how we use water, the sea and other waterways and a myriad of other related elements. At the moment I am continuing to take photographs and gather together other reference material and found objects such as shells etc, as I think through ideas for this second joint exhibition with my cousin, Tracey Scheitel.

There is still so much to do before the exhibition opens on Tuesday 1 September 2015 at the Shorethyme Restaurant/Gallery at Norah Head on the NSW Central Coast and will keep you posted on my progress.



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