Mission accomplished!

I spent all last week getting my 31 artworks organised ready to take to my framer, Koru Framing Studio, in Enmore Road Newtown. This involved: organising all the hi res scans from the original artwork; cleaning artwork up; squaring up and trimming off excess paper; adding trim marks as a guide for the framer for cropping artwork within frames and adding my signature.

All artworks will be framed but unlike the work I entered in the 2012 and 2013 ’31 Days’ exhibitions, when I used the same dimensions and style of frame for all artworks, this year I am using a variety of frame styles in different shapes and sizes which I feel fits the theme of ‘Lifeworld’, rather than a more orderly approach.

Finally these finishing touches have been completed and I took all the artwork to Koru yesterday for them to do their side of the work in readiness to deliver all the framed artwork to Gallery Red on August 28 for the hanging in time for the official opening from 6-8pm on Friday September 5. Mission accomplished!



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